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Hatred of Immigrants Movies

Unni Lindell: Episode 1 - The Snake Bearer (2005) - 170 minutes
Unni Lindell: Episode 1: The Snake Bearer at

Cato investigates the death of an Oslo man found stabbed in his apartment. The murder has striking similarities to a previous, unsolved case. When an accomplished composer is stabbed in his home, it looks like a serial killer is on the loose. As his personal life descends into chaos, the trail of the serial killer leads Cato to a women's shelter in Oslo.

(Webmaster's comment:
Extreme hatred of Muslims leads to extreme domestic abuse.)

Those In Power: Episode 2 - The Regicide (2006) - 180 minutes
Those In Power: Episode 2: The Regicide at

When the Social Democrats lose the election, Linda Jacobsson can see immediately what's about to happen. Her husband, Gert, will stop at nothing to topple the Prime Minister and run for leadership of the party himself. Linda knows her husband for the power-hungry man he is because he's exercised his power over her for many, many years.

(Webmaster's comment:
Young Muslim women are easy prey
for those who are seeking out new victims for sexual abuse!)

Wallander: Episode 4 - Faceless Killers (2010) - 90 minutes
Wallander: Episode 4: Faceless Killers at

Entering an isolated farmhouse on what he believes is a routine call, Inspector Wallander discovers a bloodbath. An old man has been tortured and beaten to death and his wife is barely alive. As her life slowly slips away, she whispers to Wallander a word that sounds like "foreigners". When her dying word is leaked to the press by the police, there is an outbreak of racist reprisals in Ystad. Meanwhile, Wallander's personal life is in shambles. On top of that, the fallout from the case causes him to doubt everything, even his abilities as a police officer. An elderly couple, the Lovgrens, is murdered at their isolated farmstead and Mrs. Lovgren's last word to Wallander seems to be "foreigners." When this is leaked to the press, a migrant labourers' camp is torched and a foreign worker is shot by anonymous right-wing vigilantes. Daughter Linda, dating a Syrian doctor, accuses Wallander of racism and, although Lovgren's brother-in-law tells the police that the dead man had a hidden fortune, which his murderers stole, and an illegitimate son, neither fact is immediately helpful. However, Wallander's obsessive pursuit of the owner of a car used in the revenge killing yields a result, though it almost costs him his job, and the Lovgrens' slayers are finally cornered in a fairground.

(Webmaster's comment:
Hatred of immigrants always lies right beneath the surface!)

Arne Dahl: Episodes 7 & 8 - Afterquake (2015) - 120 minutes
Arne Dahl: Episodes 7 & 8: Afterquake at

The explosion is powerful and the devastation enormous when a subway train explodes in Stockholm's tunnel system on a November night. The country is in shock. A group calling themselves "The Holy Riders of Siffin" claim responsibility for the attack in an anonymous call that the A Unit manages to trace. They think they are close to an arrest. What they don't know is that this is just the beginning of a hunt framed by political extremism, hate, and death.

(Webmaster's comment:
White supremacists will kill other white people to throw suspicion on immigrants.)

Hatred of Immigrants Movies