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Hatred by Muslims Movies

Beck: Episode 10: The Man with No Face (2002) - 90 minutes
Beck: Episode 10: The Man with No Face at

A man is found stabbed to death. The mans widow claims a mysterious foreigner knocked on their door the day before the murder, but is that the real story? Beck and his team are on the case.

(Webmaster's comment: Honor killings have no place in any society!)

The Protectors: Episodes 5 & 6 (2009) - 120 minutes
The Protectors: Episodes 5 & 6 at

Episode 5: Jonas Goldschmidt's marital troubles worry his superiors too. Jasmina must push her naive, conservative sister to report on her husband and his buddy, Islamic fundamentalist, who have visited Afghanistan viz. Pakistan. They dispose of all ingredients to construct a big bomb.

Episode 6: The Danish prime minister allows invasive spy techniques to observe the Islamist terror suspects, which prove Ammar Hayat and Mukhtaar have prepared a bomb. Next the PET team works out the target is the NATO secretary-general's visit to the monarch, the medium a trolly-car. Time is running out and tailing goes wrong, so a psychologic counter-measure is devised, appealing to paternal instinct which researched shows to be at the root of hatred too.

(Webmaster's comment: Some believers in Islam pose a real threat!)

Wallander: Episode 1: The Revenge (2010) - 90 minutes
Wallander: Episode 1: The Revenge at

The small town Ystad in Sweden is suddenly struck by could-be terrorist attacks after the townhouse has an art controversial exhibition that is religious in nature. The army, secret service and politicians interfere with police work, but the police must find out who is blowing things up in Ystad and murdering local citizens?

(Webmaster's comment:
Many Muslims are intolerant of other's viewpoints of their religion.)

Those In Power: Episode 3: The Sacrifice (2011) - 180 minutes
Those In Power: Episode 3: The Sacrifice at

Party leader Elizabeth Meyer has never made a big deal of the fact that she comes from a Jewish family. Because of her background, she's begun getting death threats from Islamic fundamentalists. Yet the greatest problem she faces comes from within; she s slowly succumbing to the family disease of Alzheimer's. She has one plan left, however. She's determined to win the national election and pass on the leadership to her Crown Princess.

(Webmaster's comment:
Because they are Jews Muslims hate them without reason.)

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Hatred by Muslims Movies