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Sioux Falls Atheists is a group made up of open-minded non-believers such as Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists, and as well as other open-minded persons of non-traditional beliefs such as Buddhism and Wicca. This website provides news articles, statistics, movies, courses and books that relate to Atheism, Agnosticism, and Humanism. Located in Sioux Falls, SD, the Sioux Falls Atheists have meetings and social gatherings where individuals meet, share ideas, and support each other.

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Let's meetup and celebrate the holidays with a really good Italian dinner. Spezia has the best Italian in Sioux Falls. And I'll even buy everyone one glass of Champagne, but only one.

And here are the latest billboard designs for January/February 2017

All Hate Groups Operating In The United States

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The Sioux Falls Atheists group will never have any dues. Membership is not required to attend our meetings. This group will probably never have any formal rules except treating other members and their opinions with respect and giving everyone equal time to speak. This group will never purge members for expressing their opinions or for forming their own group of people interested in atheism in general or in agnosticism or humanism. The only loose requirement is that members, and those attending our meetings, have an interest in one of the subjects of the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers websites.

The Southern Proverty Law Center and the BBC
report over 700 Hate Crimes since the Election.
That's a jump to over 70 per day!
And it's only begun!

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes By Year

Breaking News!

12-1-16 In Castro's Cuba, this is what life as a doctor was really like
In Castro's Cuba, this is what life as a doctor was really like
Amid Fidel Castro's funeral and furious debate over his legacy, Cuba's health system is often praised. Despite its flaws, it deserves it, says Rich Warner. Pundits have been debating the merits (or not) of Fidel Castro’s legacy amid his funeral and procession of his ashes to the birthplace of the Cuban revolution. The country’s health service is often said to be one of El Comandante’s greatest achievements. But how great is the system really? As someone who trained as a doctor in Cuba, I can provide an insider’s view. The Cuban health system, born out of its revolutionary socialist ideology, regards accessibility to healthcare as a fundamental right of its citizens. It focuses heavily on preventative medicine and on offering services ranging from the simplest check-up to the most complex surgery for free. Dental care, medicine and even home visits from doctors are all covered by the system. The Caribbean island has the health statistics to support this seemingly impeccable system: an infant mortality rate of 4.2 per thousand births (compared with 3.5 per thousand in the UK and 6.9 in the US), life expectancy of 77 years for men and 81 years for women (on a par with the UK’s life expectancy of 79 years for men and 83 years for women) and a doctor-to-patient ratio of one to 150, which surpasses many developed nations (the UK ratio is 2.8 doctors per 1000 patients). It is no surprise, therefore, that the secretary general of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, hailed Cuba’s health service as “a model for many countries“. (Webmaster's comment: Match this Mr. Trump. You can't do it!)

10-15-16 Kansas mosque: Three men accused of plot to bomb Somalis
Kansas mosque: Three men accused of plot to bomb Somalis
Three men have been charged with plotting to bomb Somali immigrants at an apartment building and mosque in the US state of Kansas. Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49, and Patrick Eugene Stein, 47, had gathered firearms and explosives for the attack, according to the US Justice Department. The members of a militia group called the Crusaders also kept watch on the target in Garden City, officials said. They allegedly planned to strike on 9 November, a day after the US elections. The suspects had prepared a manifesto and conspired to detonate a bomb at apartments where Somalis were among some 120 residents, said prosecutors (in other words they were willing to murder non-Somalis in order to murder Somalis). They allegedly discussed parking four explosives-packed vehicles at the corners of the complex to create a large blast in the meatpacking town. Mr Stein offered to provide ammonium nitrate for the devices and contribute up to $300 for other materials, according to prosecutors. If convicted, they face a maximum sentence of life in prison. Acting US Attorney Tom Beall said the eight-month investigation had taken FBI agents "deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence". (Webmaster's comment: Murdering Crusading Christian Terrorists, that's exactly what they are! Enough of this evil bullshit! America needs to imprison all members of All Hate Groups!)

10-2-16 Racist graffiti attack on historic black school in Virginia
Racist graffiti attack on historic black school in Virginia
A historic black school in Virginia which was being restored has been vandalised with racist graffiti. The Ashburn Colored School in Virginia, about 30 miles (50km) west of Washington DC, was discovered covered in swastikas and "white power" slogans. Local students had been restoring the crumbling building, hoping to create an education museum. The group, which had raised $20,000 (£15,000) for the project, said it was "heartbroken about this senseless act". Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has opened an investigation. "The vandalism to the Old Ashburn School is reprehensible and will not be tolerated here in Loudoun County," said Sheriff Mike Chapman. (Webmaster's comment: White Racist Nazi Pigs full of intolerance and hatred are alive and well in America! Empowered by the Alt-Right movment we tolerate them at our own peril!)

10-1-16 The rise of the alt-right
The rise of the alt-right
Once confined to the internet's fringes, the extremist movement has been emboldened by the rise of Donald Trump. Here's everything you need to know: What is the alt-right? It's a weird mix of old-school neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, anti-globalists, and young right-wing internet trolls — all united in the belief that white male identity is under attack by multicultural, "politically correct" forces. Alt-righters are primarily active online, where they taunt progressive and mainstream conservative opponents with anti-Semitic, misogynistic, or racist emails, tweets, and other social media posts, and exchange white-nationalist memes and conspiracy theories on anonymous forums like Reddit and 4chan. Another major alt-right platform is, a right-wing news site that was given a major boost when Breitbart head Stephen Bannon was named CEO of Donald Trump's Republican presidential campaign in August. As a result, the alt-right has become "the most important pushback against having a multicultural and pluralistic society since the 1920s Klan," says investigative journalist Chip Berlet, who studies extreme right-wing movements. (Webmaster's comment: This is a resurrection of Hitler youth, full of hate and intolerance. It appeals to the worst within us! Read this article. It's important information.)

  • What is the alt-right?
  • Where did the movement originate?
  • Who are today's alt-righters?
  • What about Breitbart?
  • How does Trump fit in?
  • Is the alt-right here to stay?
  • The alt-right's enfant terrible!

10-1-16 Roy Moore: Alabama top judge ousted over gay marriage stand
Roy Moore: Alabama top judge ousted over gay marriage stand
Alabama's top judge has been suspended for the remainder of his term for defying federal court rulings that legalised same-sex marriage. Roy Moore, 69, violated judicial ethics with an order seen as directing probate judges to deny marriage licences to gay couples, a judicial panel ruled. The decision was a "politically motivated effort" by radical groups, he said. His lawyer has vowed to appeal. It is the second suspension for Mr Moore, an outspoken conservative. In 2003, he was removed for refusing to take down a monument of the Ten Commandments he installed at a state building. He was re-elected as chief justice of the state's Supreme Court in 2012.

9-13-16 South Africa bars anti-gay US pastor Steven Anderson
South Africa bars anti-gay US pastor Steven Anderson
South Africa has barred controversial US pastor Steven Anderson from visiting the county because of his critical remarks about homosexuality. The home affairs minister said he was refused a visa as the constitution prohibits hate speech. Mr Anderson runs the Faithful Word Baptist Church, which says that homosexuality is an abomination punishable by the death penalty. He said that religious freedom no longer existed in South Africa. "I feel sorry for people who live in South Africa, but thank God we still have a wide open door in Botswana," Mr Anderson posted on his Facebook page after the decision to refuse him a visa. South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world which protects gay rights.

9-9-16 NFL: Brandon Marshall protests against US anthem as Broncos beat Panthers
NFL: Brandon Marshall protests against US anthem as Broncos beat Panthers
Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall kneeled in protest during the American national anthem prior to the Broncos' victory over the Carolina Panthers in the opening game of the new NFL season. Marshall is the third player to refuse to stand for the anthem since Colin Kaepernick did so last month in protest at what he sees as racial injustice. "I feel like this was the right thing to do," said Marshall.

9-9-16 Newspaper fury over Facebook 'Napalm girl' censorship
Newspaper fury over Facebook 'Napalm girl' censorship
Facebook has controversially removed the iconic image of a girl fleeing a Napalm attack during the Vietnam war from a post, on the grounds of nudity. The editor of Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten said the entire post, which was about iconic war imagery, was later deleted and the account of the reporter behind it suspended. Espen Egil Hansen has accused Mark Zuckerberg of "an abuse of power". Facebook said it has to restrict nudity for cultural reasons. Mr Hansen said the image of Kim Phuc, then aged nine, was removed less than 24 hours after the newspaper received a request from the firm to either take down the image or pixelate it and before it had responded. "While we recognise that this photo is iconic, it's difficult to create a distinction between allowing a photograph of a nude child in one instance and not others," Facebook said in a statement. (Webmaster's comment: This photo exposed America war crimes for the evil they really are! It should never be taken down!)

9-9-16 Coded messages,
Coded messages,
Coded messages, after Brazilian researchers revealed that Renaissance painter Michelangelo secretly included dozens of hidden images of female reproductive organs and pagan fertility symbols in painting the Sistine Chapel, to show his irritation with the Catholic Church’s male-dominated culture.

8-27-16 North Carolina transgender students win toilet access ruling
North Carolina transgender students win toilet access ruling
The University of North Carolina must allow transgender students and staff to use the toilets that match their gender identity, a US judge has ruled. A state law passed in March requires transgender people to use toilets that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates. The ruling led to boycotts of the state by some sports teams, businesses, and entertainers. The full case challenging the bill is expected to go to trial in November. US District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder said three plaintiffs challenging the measure had a strong chance of proving that the state's toilet-access measure violated federal law, and temporarily blocked the university from applying the state law.

8-23-16 Texas judge blocks Obama's transgender bathroom directive
Texas judge blocks Obama's transgender bathroom directive
Some US schools have already introduced gender neutral bathrooms or allowed students to choose, but... A Texas judge has blocked an order by the US government that schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. The temporary injunction signed by Judge Reed O'Connor follows a challenge to President Barack Obama's directive by 13 states and applies nationwide. The injunction was passed the day before many students go back to school. The right of transgender people to use bathrooms of their choice has become highly controversial in the US. Judge O'Connor, who was appointed by George W Bush, said schools should have been allowed to have a say before the White House directive was issued. He said: "This case presents the difficult issue of balancing the protection of students' rights and that of personal privacy... while ensuring that no student is unnecessarily marginalised while attending school." The injunction does not prohibit schools from allowing transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity, but those that don't will not have to conform. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, argued that President Obama was "attempting to rewrite the laws enacted by the elected representatives of the people". (Webmaster's comment: The hate just never stops.)

8-23-16 Ramen noodles 'are most valuable US prison commodity', study suggests
Ramen noodles 'are most valuable US prison commodity', study suggests
Noodles can be exchanged for goods and services, the research found. Ramen noodles have overtaken tobacco to become the most valuable commodity in some US prisons, a new study suggests. The research said the shift was a response to a decline in the quantity and quality of food on offer. "Because it is cheap, tasty, and rich in calories, ramen has become so valuable that it is used to exchange for other goods," said study author Michael Gibson-Light. US prison data shows spending has not kept pace with the number of inmates. (Webmaster's comment: We are starving our prison inmates so badly that food has become a black-market commodity in prisons. How could we as a nation sink so low? The private prison system works strickly on profits. If making more money means less and lower quality food for inmates to increase even higher executive salaries for private prison executives, then less and lower quality food there will be.)

8-18-16 US pastor, who believes floods are God's punishment, flees flooded home
US pastor, who believes floods are God's punishment, flees flooded home
US pastor Tony Perkins, who believes natural disasters are sent by God to punish gay people, has fled his flooded home in Louisiana. In 2015 he caused controversy when he agreed with a statement that natural disasters are sent by God as punishment for abortion and gay marriage. Mr Perkins has revealed that he was forced to escape his property in a canoe with his family. "This is a flood of near-biblical proportions," he said in an interview with the Family Research Council. (Webmaster's comment: He obviously didn't pray hard enough! What a joke!)

8-5-16 School field trips to creationist Ark? Sink that idea right now
School field trips to creationist Ark? Sink that idea right now
A huge Noah's Ark 'theme park' stuffed full of baffling pseudoscience is no place for educational trips of any sort, says Josh Rosenau. In a quiet corner of Kentucky, what claims to be the world’s largest timber-frame structure is hard to miss – a “life-size Noah’s Ark” that reportedly cost $100 million. Called Ark Encounter, the 155-metre long “theme park” features stuffed creatures and a petting zoo. It opened its doors last month, billing itself as a family-oriented educational treat. That makes it sound like a good place for schools to send students. Not so fast, though. The park’s promotional material also describes it as “a Christian evangelistic outreach intended to bring the Ark of Noah’s day to life,” which “equips visitors to understand the reality of the events that are recorded in the book of Genesis”. It is, in fact, a hard-core creationist extravaganza replete with pseudoscience. It is no place for field trips. But that hasn’t stopped its founder Ken Ham from urging publicly funded schools to come and take a look. Throughout the Ark, wordy signs, animatronic mannequins and strident videos all insist that it is no Sunday school tale, but a “historically authentic” boat that existed just as Ham and others on the young-earth creationist fringe imagine it. Perhaps because of disappointing visitor numbers so far, it is offering reduced rates – $1 a student and free tickets for accompanying teachers – to tempt schoolchildren through its doors. Schools and parents should know that a visit wouldn’t educate or entertain, it would misinform and browbeat. (Webmaster's comment: Outright lies by religious fanatics once again.)

8-4-16 How Donald Trump's strongman act won over evangelicals
How Donald Trump's strongman act won over evangelicals
The evangelical embrace of Trump (after considerable early skepticism about his bid for the White House) is remarkable for several reasons. It indicates that evangelicals are considerably less concerned about the personal moral and religious character of presidential candidates than many (including, I suspect, many evangelicals themselves) have typically presumed. It also demonstrates that social conservatives are more willing than members of the Republican Party's other two major factions — pro-business economic libertarians and hawkish foreign policy internationalists — to embrace a brash, populist insurgent. Many members of the first group have remained on the sidelines and some appear willing to entertain defecting to Libertarian Party ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld; members of the second, meanwhile, have gravitated to Hillary Clinton. But not evangelicals. The question is why. Why would voters who engage in politics in large part because of their attachment to a social-conservative agenda rally around a blustering, bragging vulgarian who's on his third marriage; who specializes in such un-Christ-like behavior as mocking a reporter with a disability; who favors such policies as rounding up and deporting millions, torturing terrorism suspects, banning the members of specific religions from entering the United States, and striking first with nuclear weapons; and perhaps most pertinent of all, who shows no interest in, knowledge of, or sympathy for the social-conservative agenda? (Webmaster's comment: America's religious fanatics are a poison just waiting to be exploited for evil.)

6-29-16 Most Americans Still Believe in God
Most Americans Still Believe in God
About nine in 10 Americans say they believe in God, and one in 10 say they do not (and that probably means they are Atheists). However, when presented with more than a "yes or no" option, about eight in 10 say they believe and one in 10 say they aren't sure. Belief in God, regardless of how the question is phrased to Americans, is down from levels in past decades. (Webmaster's comment: The poll shows that there are about 32 million Atheists in the United States. That's a lot of people! We are not alone!)

  • 89% of Americans say they believe in God
  • In a separate poll, 79% say "believe in God" and 10% "not sure"
  • All measures of belief in God show declines from previous decades

6-21-16 Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death
Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death
The discovery that many genes are still working up to 48 hours after death has implications for organ transplants, forensics and our very definition of death. When a doctor declares a person dead, some of their body may still be alive and kicking – at least for a day or two. New evidence in animals suggests that many genes go on working for up to 48 hours after the lights have gone out. This hustle and bustle has been seen in mice and zebrafish, but there are hints that genes are also active for some time in deceased humans. This discovery could have implications for the safety of organ transplants as well as help pathologists pinpoint a time of death more precisely, perhaps to within minutes of the event.

5-26-16 U.S. Religious Groups Disagree on Five Key Moral Issues
U.S. Religious Groups Disagree on Five Key Moral Issues
Americans' religious faith greatly shapes their views of whether moral issues or practices are acceptable or not. In general, Jews and those with no religious preference are more liberal than Protestants, Catholics and Mormons in their views on various moral issues. These differences are most apparent on abortion and, to a lesser extent, doctor-assisted suicide and animal cloning. Catholics join with Jews and nonreligious Americans in saying gay-lesbian relations and out-of-wedlock births are morally OK.

  • Jews, nonreligious tend to be most liberal on morality
  • Catholics say out-of-wedlock births, gay-lesbian relations moral
  • Only Mormons view premarital sex, gambling as immoral

Moral Issues on Which Major U.S. Religious Group Disagree
Percentage saying each is "morally acceptable"

Religious Group  No Religion Jewish Catholic Protestant Mormon
Moral Issue % % % % %
Abortion 73 76 38 33 18
Doctor-assisted suicide 77 73 47 43 30
Cloning animals 50 50 33 28 33
Gay-lesbian relations 83 85 62 41 28
Having a baby outside of marriage 80 68 59 47 25
Average  73 70 48 38 27

(Webmaster's comment: It's really obvious who are the true friends of liberal, progressive causes. And it's not the Catholics, Protestants, or Mormans. But amazingly of those the Catholics are the most liberal and progressive.)

Darwin Was Right! Evolution Is A Fact!
Creationism, Intelligent Design,
Earth Is Only 6,000 Years Old,

All Hate Groups Operating In The United States

All data from the Southern Poverty Law Center


All hate groups operating in the U.S. 892 100%
Ku Klux Klan groups 190 21.3%
Black Separatist groups 180 20.2%
Racist Skinhead groups 95 10.7%
White Nationalist groups 95 10.7%
Neo-Nazi groups 94 10.5%
General Hate groups 53 5.9%
Anti-LGBT groups 48 5.4%
Neo-Confederate groups 35 3.9%
Anti-Muslim groups 34 3.8%
Christian Identity groups 19 2.1%
Radical Traditional Catholicism groups 17 1.9%
Anti-Immigrant groups 12 1.3%
Holocaust Denial groups 10 1.1%
Racist Music groups 10 1.1%


Note that many of these hate groups are Christian Based.
But there are no Muslim or Jewish Based Hate Groups.

7-29-16 Twitter struggles with hate campaigns
Twitter struggles with hate campaigns
The reign of one of Twitter’s most notorious trolls is over, said Mike Isaac in The New York Times. Last week, the social network permanently banned technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos after the right-wing provocateur “rallied and directed” a campaign of racist and sexist harassment against Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. Ghostbusters’ all-female reboot has been the target of online vitriol for months, but Jones, who is black, has been singled out for particularly vicious attacks in recent weeks. Egged on by Yiannopoulos, hundreds of anonymous Twitter accounts recently bombarded Jones with vile tweets, as well as violent and pornographic images, comparing her, for instance, to Harambe, the gorilla shot dead this year at a Cincinnati zoo.

7-29-16 Rampant road rage
Rampant road rage
Four out of five U.S. drivers experienced road rage over the past year, a new AAA Foundation study shows, and 90 percent feel threatened by such aggression. Based on a survey of 2,705 licensed drivers, researchers estimate that more than 50 percent the nation’s 210 million drivers holler at other motorists or purposefully tailgate them, while 45 percent honk out of fury or frustration. Drivers also admit to cutting people off or preventing other cars from changing lanes. The survey also shows that about 4 percent of all drivers—roughly 8 million people—have gone so far as intentionally ramming other cars or leaving their own vehicle to confront another driver. Road rage also inspires more than a few obscene gestures—a practice 30 percent more common among drivers in the Northeast. The risks are significant: The study showed that 56 percent of fatal car accidents—which typically kill 40,000 Americans each year—involved aggressive driving. Researchers advise motorists to find their happy place behind the wheel. “Be tolerant,” AAA’s Jake Nelson tells “Don’t engage; focus on getting to your destination safely.” (Webmaster's comment: More Hate!)

The Noah's Ark Story is Total Nonsense Too!

5-10-16 Kew report makes new tally for number of world's plants
Kew report makes new tally for number of world's plants
Scientists have estimated that there are 390,900 plants known to science. The new tally is part of a report carried out by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It is its first global assessment of the world's flora. The study also found that 2,034 new plant species were discovered in 2015. (Webmaster's comment: I'd be really courious how Noah got 390,900 different kinds of plants to his ark and then to fit on his Ark. Must have sent out 100's of worldwide collecting plant seed missions that God forgot to mention in the Bible. Hope they didn't miss any. And did they take only one seed, or two of each? And how did Noah get them all back to the right places? He must have had a lot of sons and daughters. And how did they make more children? The whole thing sounds kind incestious to me. Plus there are over 5,000 species of land mammals, 9,900 species of birds many of which cannot swim for 40 days, 8,734 species of reptiles many of which cannot swim for 40 days, over 1,000,000 species of insects many of which cannot swim for 40 days, and 31,153 species of fish many of which need salt water and would die from over 14,000 feet of fresh water being dumped on all the world's oceans. Noah would need 100's of arks to store them all and the food for them, and 10,000's of people to collect them and care for them. God kind of forgot to mention all that in the Bible too. Plus God said "You shall take with you of every clean animal by sevens, a male and his female; and of the animals that are not clean two, a male and his female; also of the birds of the sky, by sevens, male and female, to keep offspring alive on the face of all the earth." So it's mostly seven of each, not two, which makes for a very, very large number of creatures, probably over 200,000 not including all the insects. It'd have to had been one heck of a big ark! And would have taken years to build and to gather all the food needed and more years to voyage to all the other continents and collect all the creatures. And an equal amount of time putting them all back. Noah, and his family, and the children of his incestous family, must have been very busy for a very long time.)

The Truth Behind The Noah's Ark Story!

  • During the Ice Age the Black Sea was an isolated freshwater lake surrounded by farmland.
  • About 12,000 years ago, toward the end of the Ice Age, Earth began growing warmer. Vast sheets of ice that sprawled over the Northern Hemisphere began to melt. Oceans and seas grew deeper as a result.
  • About 7,000 years ago the Mediterranean Sea swelled. Seawater pushed northward, slicing through what is now Turkey.
  • Funneled through the narrow Bosporus, the water hit the Black Sea with 200 times the force of Niagara Falls. Each day the Black Sea rose about six inches, and coastal farms were flooded.
  • Seared into the memories of terrified survivors, the tale of the flood was passed down through the generations and eventually became the Noah story.

Another Biblical Tale Bits The Dust. May It Rest In Peace.

7-7-16 Noah's Ark theme park opens in Kentucky with life-size replica
Noah's Ark theme park opens in Kentucky with life-size replica
A theme park in the US state of Kentucky has unveiled a 510-foot-long (155 metre-long) wooden model of Noah's Ark. The ark was built by Christians who said they believe the biblical story was a historical event. Critics have said the attraction should not have received tax incentives as it contradicts science education. The ark is based on a biblical story of a man who received an apocalyptic warning from God about a massive flood. Answers in Genesis, the ministry that built the ark, said the ship's dimensions are based on those described in the Bible. The ark is also 85ft (26m) wide and 51ft (15m) high, according to the group. The group believes that God created everything, including dinosaurs, about 6,000 years ago. Scientists have said the dinosaurs became extinct about 65m years before man appeared. (Webmaster's comment: And the Scientists have all the evidence on their side while the Christians have nothing.)

Religious Intolerance Loses Again!

5-19-16 Americans' Support for Gay Marriage Remains High, at 61%
Americans' Support for Gay Marriage Remains High, at 61%
Sixty-one percent of Americans say that marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by the law as valid, consistent with the 58% and 60% recorded in 2015. Last year's Supreme Court decision made same-sex marriage legal nationwide -- but the issue remains contentious at state and local levels, among religious groups and within the Republican Party. Public support for same-sex marriage has more than doubled over the past two decades. When Gallup first polled on the issue in 1996, about a quarter of Americans (27%) said such marriages should be recognized by law. Majority support was recorded for the first time in 2011, and the percentage has since grown.

  • Support is up among each political party and age group
  • About one in four say candidates must share their views on issue
  • Gay marriage issue loses importance among GOP voters

Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?

(Webmaster's comment: Hey all you intolerant religious bigots, You Lose Again! Go back and live in the dark ages were your hatred for other human beings belongs and you can still burn people at the stake! That's what you really want to do isn't it!)

Of Special Interest!

6-22-16 Tough gun laws in Australia eliminate mass shootings
Tough gun laws in Australia eliminate mass shootings
Study finds legislation effective in wake of 1996 massacre. In 1996, Australia initiated a program to purchase and destroy certain types of long guns, including semiautomatic weapons. Over the next four years, the country collected more than 650,000 guns. Australia has seen zero mass shootings in the 20 years since it enacted strict gun control laws and a mandatory gun buyback program, researchers report June 22 in JAMA. Key to this success is probably the reduction in people’s exposure to semiautomatic weapons, Johns Hopkins University health policy researcher Daniel Webster writes in an accompanying editorial. “Here’s a society that recognized a public safety threat, found it unacceptable, and took measures to address the problem,” Webster says. (Webmaster's comment: This works! Why can't we do this? Americans believe they need the right to kill other people with firearms as it is a necessary part of freedom and liberty. They believe they must watch their children, family and friends die as it is a necessary part of freedom and liberty. They've formed a violent and primitive culture which much of the rest of the civilized world left behind where it belongs, in the stone age.)

5-13-16 Deadly medical mistakes
Deadly medical mistakes
Medical errors in hospitals and other health-care facilities are now the third-leading cause of death in the United States, claiming more lives each year than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. After analyzing four large studies investigating death rates, researchers at Johns Hopkins University calculated that mistakes ranging from undetected complications to medication mix-ups are responsible for more than 250,000 deaths a year. “It boils down to people dying from the care that they receive rather than the disease for which they are seeking care,” study leader Martin Makary tells The Washington Post. The researchers argue that federal mandates should be revised to require doctors to disclose medical errors that resulted in a preventable death. “When a plane crashes, we don’t say this is confidential proprietary information,” Makary says. “We consider this part of public safety. Hospitals should be held to the same standards.”

5-11-16 Medical errors are killing hundreds of thousands each year
Medical errors are killing hundreds of thousands each year
Sometime in the last few years, a young woman who had undergone a successful transplant operation was readmitted to the hospital for some follow-up tests, including a procedure to draw fluid from the sac surrounding her heart. The woman was discharged from the hospital but returned the following day complaining of severe abdominal pain. She died from a combination of intra-abdominal bleeding and cardiac arrest. An autopsy revealed that the needle that had been inserted into the heart sac had grazed her liver and ruptured an artery, resulting in death. The death certificate listed the cause of death as cardiovascular, but in fact it was due to physician's error. The tragic mishap was cited in a new study by two Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine researchers examining the medical errors that have been grossly underreported for years. They estimate that medical errors are responsible for 251,454 deaths annually.

5-11-16 A history of love, art, power and religion in 10 graves
A history of love, art, power and religion in 10 graves
We are the only animal to bury its dead, and we have been doing it for a very long time. These moving, fascinating finds reveal how the human mind has evolved. NO OTHER animal buries its dead. It is a peculiarly human thing to do, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. Last year, it emerged that our ancestors may have laid their dead to rest as far back as 3 million years ago. This raises intriguing questions about the evolution of the human mind. To understand the idea of death, you need empathy and intuition. To feel your own mortality and to create rituals that recognise the mortality of others, you must be capable of symbolic thinking – which also underpins language, art and religion. What’s more, burials reflect the cultural concerns and practices of the people who created them. Graves, therefore, hold clues about human curiosity, the dawning of spirituality, ancestor cults, global domination, trade, technological ingenuity and more. In search of these, we’ve unearthed 10 of the most significant gravesites:

4-27-16 Why are religions so judgemental? Ask evolution
Why are religions so judgemental? Ask evolution
The rise of moralising religions like Christianity can be explained by evolution – and so can their eventual downfall, says evolutionary psychologist Nicolas Baumard. Roman religions were materialistic rather than moralising. What happened to make materialistic religions transform into moralising ones? Before Christianity, most religions did not place a high value on morality. (Webmaster's comment: Baumard makes a excellent argument for his hypothesis. Read it before our party on Atheism Eve!)

4-9-16 Americans are skeptical of God but think heaven is real
Americans are skeptical of God but think heaven is real
Since 1980, the number of Americans who believe in God has decreased by half and the number who pray has declined five-fold. Has America lost its faith? The United States formally separates church and state, but it's hard to deny that America is inundated with religious innuendo, from its controversial pledge of allegiance all the way down to its Judeo-Christian courthouse displays and faith-espousing legal tender. Yet fewer Americans pray or believe in God than ever before, according to a new study in the journal Sage Open. Researchers found that the percentage of Americans who claim they never pray reached an all-time high in 2014, up five-fold since the 1980s. Over the same time period, belief in God and interest in spirituality appears to have similarly declined, especially among young adults. The findings suggest that, "millennials are the least religious generation in memory, and possibly in American history," says Jean M. Twenge, psychology professor at San Diego State University and coauthor on the study, in a press statement. "Most previous studies concluded that fewer Americans were publicly affiliating with a religion, but that Americans were just as religious in private ways. That's no longer the case, especially in the last few years." (Webmaster's comment: The chances of a great evil United States Christian Religious Dictatorship are coming to an end! Thank the youth of America!)

4-1-16 Crossing Over: How Science Is Redefining Life and Death
Crossing Over: How Science Is Redefining Life and Death
Can death be reversible? And what are we learning about the gray zone between here and the other side? After toddler Gardell Martin fell into an icy stream in March 2015, he was dead for more than an hour and a half. Three and a half days later he left a hospital alive and well. His story is one of many prompting scientists to question the very meaning of death. Death is “a process, not a moment,” writes critical-care physician Sam Parnia in his book Erasing Death. It’s a whole-body stroke, in which the heart stops beating but the organs don’t die immediately. In fact, he writes, they might hang on intact for quite a while, which means that “for a significant period of time after death, death is in fact fully reversible.” In Arizona cryonics experts maintain more than 130 dead clients in a frozen state that’s another kind of limbo. Their hope is that sometime in the distant future, maybe centuries from now, these clients will be thawed and revived, technology having advanced to the point where they can be cured of whatever killed them. Linda Chamberlain, co-founder of the Arizona-based cryonics company Alcor, hugs the container where the body of her husband, Fred, is frozen in the hope that someday he can be thawed and revived. She plans to join him in cryo limbo when her time comes. Fred’s last words, she says, were “Gee, I hope this works.” (Webmaster's comment: I'm signed up at Alcor. The only one in the state. Ignorant anti-science twits have attacked me for doing that. But the writing is on the wall. Science will win in the end and beat death. And so will I. Join me anyone?)

3-30-16 How Ted Cruz made a mockery of Republicans' religious freedom arguments
How Ted Cruz made a mockery of Republicans' religious freedom arguments
First he called for putting Muslims under surveillance. Then he called for greater religious liberty. Come again? The Republican Party, which has accused "liberal elites" of waging a "war on religion," last week dispatched its leading lights to the rhetorical battlefields in a religious war of its own making. On March 22, Americans awoke to the news of the horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels, which should have prompted calls for solidarity coupled with rational and effective law enforcement. But for Ted Cruz — who has made religious liberty a central focus of his campaign — it was instead an opportunity to propose an unconstitutional and dangerous program for targeting American Muslims. The two Republican presidential frontrunners are engaged in a sordid one-upmanship of who can more blatantly scapegoat American Muslims. For Donald Trump and Cruz, it's an essential part of the gladiator politics that have come to define the GOP primary. Trump has said "Islam hates us" and notoriously proposed banning all Muslims from entering the U.S. Cruz has called for all Syrian Muslims to be banned from the entering the U.S., but for Syrian Christians to be allowed in. So after the Brussels attack last week, Cruz said, "We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized." Uncharacteristically agreeable, Trump called the unconstitutional proposal a "good idea." (Webmaster's comment: So much for Freedom of Religion in America. Let's throw out the Constititution and have a Christian Religious State just like the Islamic Religious States in the Middle East. Hitler would have loved it.)

2-19-16 Americans' shortened life spans
Americans' shortened life spans
The life expectancy of Americans is lower than that of people living in other high-income countries, and a new study explains why: We're inflicting earlier death on ourselves with self-destructive behavior. Car accidents, gun violence, and drug overdoses kill 100,000 people in the U.S. each year, which helps explain why American men and women die about 2.2 years earlier than residents of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, according to a new study by the National Center for Health Statistics. American men and women have a life expectancy of 76.4 and 81.2 years, respectively, compared to 78.6 and 83.4 years for their peers abroad. "It seems staggering that we get two fewer years just for living here," study author Andrew Fenelon tells the Associated Press. Gun deaths, car crashes, and overdoses are responsible for half that difference, with the other lost year the result of higher infant mortality, health problems related to diet, and other factors. (Webmaster's comment: That's just the price of Liberty and Freedom according to Libertarians and Conservatives. Well those other countries have lots of Freedom and Liberty too, even more, but it doesn't kill them early. Maybe we could learn something from them by studying their governmental systems and laws.)

2-11-16 Mammal brain frozen and thawed out perfectly for first time
Mammal brain frozen and thawed out perfectly for first time
A cryogenically preserved rabbit brain has been defrosted in a near-perfect state, with its memory-storing structures still intact. A mammal brain has been defrosted from cryogenic storage in an almost perfect state for the first time. This breakthrough, accomplished using a rabbit brain, brings us one – albeit tiny – step closer to the prospect of reanimating a human brain that has been cryogenically preserved. After death, organs begin to decay, but we can delay this by cooling these tissues, just like freezing food. But in the same way that a frozen strawberry becomes soggy when defrosted, it is difficult to perfectly preserve mammals at cold temperatures. We, and strawberries, contain large amounts of water, which freezes into ice crystals that damage cells. Cryoprotectants can prevent this ice damage, working like medical-grade antifreezes and preventing organs from freezing. This works in small worms and rabbit kidneys, but it needs to be administered quickly, which usually causes brains to dehydrate and shrink.

2-10-16 Belief in punitive gods linked with expansion of human societies
Belief in punitive gods linked with expansion of human societies
People who believe in a moralistic god are more likely to help distant strangers who share their religion, which may explain the evolution of complex societies. Complex modern societies may have grown and prospered thanks to a pervading fear of moralistic, all-knowing and, above all, punitive gods. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, animists, ancestor worshippers, it matters not a jot. Believers widely respond to fear of reprisals from a supernatural being. And this fear can help drive model behaviour.

12-28-15 Clinton Most Admired Woman for Record 20th Time
Clinton Most Admired Woman for Record 20th Time
Americans again name Hillary Clinton (13%) and President Barack Obama (17%) the woman and man living anywhere in the world they admire most. Both win by wide margins over the next-closest finishers, Malala Yousafzai (5%) for women and Pope Francis (5%) and Donald Trump (5%) for men. (Webmaster's comment: In spite of all the hype Trump's a loser!)

12-28-15 Can right-wing populism be stopped?
Can right-wing populism be stopped?
All of them agree on three points: First, that Trump's campaign is a populist reaction to the economic decline of the white working class. Second, that Trump is exploiting the anger sparked by this decline for his own purposes. Third, that a more conscientious response would involve the Republican Party proposing a series of policies to address the interests and anxieties of these angry white working-class voters.

12-24-15 Iran hostage crisis: Victims 'to be compensated' 36 years later
Iran hostage crisis: Victims 'to be compensated' 36 years later
The US victims of the Iran hostage crisis are to receive compensation 36 years after their ordeal, reports say. Each of the 53 hostages or their estates will receive up to $4.4m (£3m), according to a US spending bill passed last Friday. (Webmaster's comment: Yet America refuses to compensate the Japanese-American citizens imprisoned in American prison camps during WWII, the victims of American Government and Military run medical experiments, the American victims of forced sterlization against their will, the American victims of forced genital mutilation against their will, the victims of American torture programs; the list of American attrocities against the innocent and violations of Human Rights is very long and hardly anyone is ever compensated, and no one is ever punished.)

12-18-15 The great American middle class has become an anxious class
The great American middle class has become an anxious class
“The great American middle class has become an anxious class—and it’s in revolt. The odds of falling into poverty are frighteningly high, especially for the majority without college degrees. Two-thirds of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Most could lose their jobs at any time. The anxious class feels vulnerable to forces over which they have no control. They’d support a strongman who’d promise to protect them from all the chaos. Who’d save jobs from being shipped abroad, slam Wall Street, stick it to China, get rid of people here illegally, and block terrorists from getting into America. A strongman who’d make America great again—which really means make average working people safe again. If not Donald Trump, then it will be someone else posing as a strongman.” (Webmaster's comment: To Hell with human rights, they want another Hitler.)

12-18-15 When facts no longer matter
When facts no longer matter
What is true and what is not? Thanks to the explosive growth of “the ‘alternative’ information ecosystem,” fringe views have gone mainstream, and the truth is whatever you prefer to believe. Do you believe that vaccines cause autism? That the elementary school massacre at Sandy Hook was “a false flag” operation staged by the government to promote gun control? That sharia law will soon be imposed in the U.S.? You can find “proof” of these nutty notions on hundreds of websites, blogs, newsletters, talk-radio shows, and partisan cable networks. A bogus video, erroneous chart, or phony story “passed from peer to peer on Facebook” often has more credibility than the mainstream media’s attempts to correct the record. No one has exploited the post-factual era more expertly than Donald Trump, who routinely recycles crackpot information from the web’s most feverish swamps. When caught in a lie, he shouts, “Media bias!” He recently even claimed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Obama administration. Robert Mason, a University of Washington professor who has studied false information, sums up our new reality this way: “If you say it loud enough or long enough, people will believe it.” (Webmaster's comment: People who don't believe in reality are mentally ill and should be institutionalised in a mental hospital for their own safety as well as ours.)

12-18-15 Trump's Image Didn't Take a Hit After Muslim Ban Proposal
Trump's Image Didn't Take a Hit After Muslim Ban Proposal
Donald Trump's image among the overall U.S. population has trended up, not down, after his Dec. 7 recommendation that the U.S. prevent Muslims from coming into the country. The statement was met with extraordinary controversy -- even for Trump -- and most of his fellow Republican candidates, along with Democratic leaders, denounced it. Clearly, it would not have surprised many observers if Trump's image had taken a hit as a result. But we can reject that hypothesis, at least based on data we have collected so far. Trump had a negative image among American adults to begin with, but it became slightly less so after his pronouncement, rather than more so. In the two weeks leading up to and including Dec. 7, Trump had a net favorable score among national adults of -27, based on a favorable percentage of 32% and an unfavorable percentage of 59%. That improved slightly to a net favorable of -22 (34% favorable, 56% unfavorable) for the nine days from Dec. 8 to Dec. 16. (Webmaster's comment: We need to take down the Statue of Liberty. 1/3 of Americans no longer support the values it represents. They no longer believe in what it stands for: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." 1/3 of Americans now hate without reason all non-whites and all non-christians. A perfect power base for Fascism!)

12-16-15 US Muslims reel at Trump supporters' hostility
US Muslims reel at Trump supporters' hostility
Surrounded by banners proclaiming Islam's respect for America and promotion of tolerance, freedom and democracy, they talked about the violence, the backlash and about Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate responded to the killings in San Bernardino by proposing the suspension of all Muslim immigration to the US, a statement that sent chills up Muslim spines. Such language, he argued, would "fan the flames of hate and lead us down the very path that our enemies want to see us go". There is a weary feeling here about the cycle of events; a violent attack followed by an expectation that the Islamic community will publicly restate a commitment to peace. "It is just inconsistent," he says, "we're not mentioning it when people are being gunned down by white supremacists, by people with distorted ideologies in this country who go into the theatres, who go into the schools, who go into the abortion clinic, who went into the church." In other words, why are such killers rarely referred to as Christian extremists, even when they claim to be driven by Biblical teachings? "We would be safe if we just referred to criminals as criminals, murderers as murderers without putting religious titles on them," says Mr Seifullah who argues that Mr Trump's response to San Bernardino has "given people approval" to be racist and bigoted, "to think that it's OK to discriminate against one group of people over another." Half a century after "intense civil rights struggles," he warns, "we can go back to that. There are people who are embracing his rhetoric and that's frightening."

12-4-15 Mass Shootings This Year
Mass Shootings This Year
There have been at least 351 mass shootings in the U.S. in the first 334 days of this year, defined as incidents in which four or more people, including the gunman, are killed or injured by gunfire. There were at least 12 in the previous week alone, including the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting. Having access to a firearm almost doubles one’s chances of becoming the victim of a homicide, and triple’s one’s likelihood of killing him or herself. And we know that states with the highest rates of gun ownership have the highest rates of gun murders. The same is true of countries—more guns equal more gun deaths. The incidence of mass shootings has tripled over the past four years, a period that coincided with 37 states’ loosening their restrictions on owning and carrying guns. Of the 384 mass shootings in 2015 less than 2% involved shooters with Muslim beliefs and less that 4% involved women shooters. More than 80% of the shooters were white males. At least 60% of those claimed to be Christians.

Could an atheist win the White House?
It's not as crazy as you might think.

Could an atheist win the White House? It's not as crazy as you might think.
These are pretty good times for non-believers. Our ranks are growing rapidly, with nearly a quarter of Americans now claiming no religious identification. Even if most of those don't emphatically declare themselves atheist, but say their religion is "nothing in particular," there are surely plenty of people who call themselves Catholics or Jews or something else but whose belief in an all-knowing, all-seeing god is tenuous at best. The number will keep growing, because religiosity and age are strongly correlated today, with older people being the most religious while a full third of millennials claim no religion. It's no longer considered scandalous in many, if not most, places to say that you aren't a believer.

Below from recent issues of The Week

The Week - All you need to know about everything that matters

10-16-15 Mother 'helpless' to stop
fatal church beating of son!
Brutal beating lasted 10 hours!
Doctors thought he had suffered
a shotgun wound to the groin!

A woman charged with beating her son to death in a church has said she "felt helpless" to prevent the violence committed by other church members. Deborah Leonard did not feel she could stand up to other members of the Word of Life church in New York state, said her lawyer, Devin Garramone. Her son Lucas, 19, died from the attack and his brother is in hospital. Police say they were beaten by Mrs Leonard, her husband and five others in order for them to confess their sins.The boys were repeatedly kicked and punched on Sunday but it's not clear why. Police have described the beating as a "spiritual counselling session to urge [the boys] to confess sins and seek forgiveness". (Webmaster's comment: Seems you can justify any crime, including murder, as long as you do it in the name of God.)

Church members accused of beating to death a 19-year-old have told police they had been discussing his desire to leave the Word of Life church New York congregation. Lucas Leonard died and his younger brother was seriously injured after both were beaten for hours on Sunday. New Hartford's police chief said the six church members arrested over the death said the meeting was called to talk about Leonard's plans to leave. (Webmaster's comment: Should be called the Word of Death church.)

One of two brothers brutally beaten during a "counseling session" at the Word of Life church in New Hartford was set to testify against his half-sister this week and provide crucial details on the group attack that left his elder brother dead. Christopher and Lucas Leonard, ages 17 and 19, respectively, had been taken to the church's "sanctuary room" for punishment, after rumors spread that the brothers intended to leave the church, which neighbors have likened to a cult. In an attack that lasted 10 hours, the brothers were whipped with cords on the genitals, abdomen, and back while church members, including their parents, ordered them to confess their sins. When Lucas stopped breathing, he was driven to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The elder brother's injuries were so bad that doctors initially thought he had suffered a shotgun wound in his groin area, said authorities. (Webmaster's comment: It gets worse. Windows were covered so no one could see in or out. Children were being raised inside the church. They'll need to spend the rest of their lives in therapy. This Word of Life church is a church from hell.)

Some Questions for Word of Life church members.

  • Is your church truly friendly?
  • Are church members encouraged and loved even when they leave?
  • Are relationships with former members encouraged or allowed?
  • Are your children happy to attend church?
  • Are you happy to bring unsaved friends to your church?
  • Are all types of people considered welcome at your church?
  • Are you free from fear in your church?

If you cannot answer YES to all of these
you should leave and find another church.

10-21-16 As God intended
As God intended
A South Carolina waitress was left a note by a fundamentalist couple chiding her for working instead of staying home and taking care of her husband. The waitress, who is single and has no children, said she felt “a bit heartbroken” by the note, which stated that a “woman’s place is in the home” and urged her to “help make America great again” by cooking and cleaning as “her husband and God intended.”

10-14-16 Pray for the Gas and Oil Industry
ray for the Gas and Oil Industry
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin declared Oct. 13 “Oilfield Prayer Day,” calling on Christians to “thank God for the blessings created by the oil and gas industry,” which is suffering due to falling prices. After complaints that she’d excluded non-Christians, Fallin asked all faiths to ask God to protect the industry. “I think prayer is always a good thing for anyone,” she said.

9-16-16 Shoot Them
Shoot Them
A Baptist pastor who serves as a high school football announcer in Alabama resigned after reportedly telling fans who didn’t stand for the national anthem to “line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots at you.” Pastor Allen Joyner claims he was misquoted, but said he “overstepped my authority as announcer to express my patriotic views.”

8-18-16 US pastor, who believes floods are God's punishment, flees flooded home
US pastor, who believes floods are God's punishment, flees flooded home
US pastor Tony Perkins, who believes natural disasters are sent by God to punish gay people, has fled his flooded home in Louisiana. In 2015 he caused controversy when he agreed with a statement that natural disasters are sent by God as punishment for abortion and gay marriage. Mr Perkins has revealed that he was forced to escape his property in a canoe with his family. "This is a flood of near-biblical proportions," he said in an interview with the Family Research Council. (Webmaster's comment: He obviously didn't pray hard enough! What a joke!)

7-29-16 Easy Rider for Hell
Easy Rider for Hell
A New York preacher is spreading the word of God—by riding his motorbike through fire. John “Mercury” Morgan, a former circus performer, last week wowed his Rochester congregation by jumping his bike over a line of cars and through a burning wall. Morgan, 51, believes his death-defying stunts powerfully illustrate his religious message. “The jump is actually symbolic,” he explained. “The burning wall represents what waits for you at the end of your life if you don’t know the Lord.”

7-8-16 Rapture is imminent
Rapture is imminent
The Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian family accused of failing to educate their children because they believe the Rapture is imminent. Laura and Michael McIntyre refused to provide a school board with proof they’ve been actually homeschooling their nine children, saying the order violated their constitutional rights. The all-Republican court ruled in their favor. (Webmaster's comment: I don't know who is more ignorant, the Christians or the Republicans.)

6-19-16 'Angels' protect Orlando funeral from anti-gay Westboro protesters
'Angels' protect Orlando funeral from anti-gay Westboro protesters
People in Orlando have dressed as guardian angels to protect the funeral of one of the Orlando shooting victims from homophobic protesters. A small number of Westboro Baptist Church followers, attended Saturday's service for Christopher Leinonen. The anti-gay organisation only has about 40 members but is well known for its hate speeches and funeral protests. The handful of demonstrators was blocked from view by around 200 counter-protesters. (Webmaster's comment: Seems like the Baptists are home for some of the most evil Christians.)

6-17-16 “The Bible teaches that these people deserve to die”
“The Bible teaches that these people deserve to die”
A Baptist preacher in Sacramento told his congregants that the only tragedy of the Orlando nightclub shooting is that “more of the them didn’t die.” Pastor Roger Jimenez vilified “sodomites” in his sermon and said their deaths “help society.” Jimenez said Christianity condemns homosexuality and that “the Bible teaches that these people deserve to die.” (Webmaster's comment: How evil can religion get? This is how evil!)

9-4-15 Praying Potholes Away
Below from the September 4th issue of The Week

Facing a need for $743 million worth of repairs to crumbling infrastructure, the mayor of Jackson, Miss., has told residents the city can fix potholes through the power of prayer. "Yes, I believe we can pray potholes away" said Mayor Tony Yarber, who is also a church pastor. "Moses prayed." he said, "and a sea opened." (Webmaster's comment: Unbelievable, but true!)

9-21-15 Ungodly Dress
Below from the September 25th issue of The Week

Ungodly dress, after a councilman in Dadeville, Ala., introduced a town ordinance banning sagging pants. "I prayed about this," Frank Goodman said, "I know God would not go around with His pants down." (Webmaster's comment: Unbelievable, but true!)

10-16-15 Fashion Tip
Below from the October 16th issue of The Week

Fashion Tip, after TV evangelist Jim Bakker warned that God recently told him to wear all black clothes—portending that the End Times are near. “I pray about what I wear,” Bakker said, “and I am in mourning because the people aren’t ready.” (Webmaster's comment: Unbelievable, but true!)

10-16-15 Duck You Suckers!
Below from the October 16th issue of The Week

Duck You Suckers! Officials in Blount County, Tenn., considered a resolution asking God to “pass us by in His coming wrath” over the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage and “not destroy us as He did Sodom and Gomorrah.” The resolution pledged that county residents would defy the court ruling. A motion to hear the resolution was rejected by a vote of 10-5, as angry residents booed and yelled, “Cowards!”
(Webmaster's comment: Unbelievable, but true!)

11-6-15 Even heard of the separation of Church and State?
Below from the November 6th issue of The Week

Even heard of the separation of Church and State? A Louisiana public school is insisting it has a legal right to promote Christianity. Students at Airline High School are drilled in Bible verses, warned against contraception, and taught Creationism in science class. Despite a formal complaint from the ACLU, the school board vowed to maintain its practices, saying, “Our history and traditions respect the freedom of religion, not the freedom from religion.” (Webmaster's comment: The words of those who obviously do not understand the constitution!)

11-20-15 The War on Christmas?
Below from the November 20th issue of The Week

The War on Christmas? The war on the War on Christmas, which got off to an early start this year when Christian blogger Joshua Feuerstein claimed that Starbucks’ new holiday-themed cups—which are bright red but lack the reindeer, stars, and other Christmas symbolism of past years—are proof that the company “hates Jesus” and has joined the “larger war against Christianity.” (Webmaster's comment: Nutty as a Fruitcake!)

12-4-15 Shopping at non-Christian Stores
Shopping at non-Christian Stores
An Alabama state legislator has warned constituents against shopping at stores owned by non-Christians. Republican Rep. Alan Harper said that most of the local convenience stores are not owned “by God-fearing Christians” and that they use their profits to create “death and destruction” in the world. “Merry Christmas,” Harper concluded. “May God bless.” (Wemaster's comment: Another Christian hater of anyone who doesn't believe as he does.)

12-18-15 Praying not right for anyone but Christians
Praying not right for anyone but Christians
A group of Wisconsin parents claim that a schoolbook about an Afghan girl’s fight against the Taliban is indoctrinating their kids into Islam. Nasreen’s Secret School tells the true story of a girl who defied the Taliban by going to school. But parents object to a passage describing her praying to Allah. “These things shouldn’t be brought up,” said district PTA president Sherri Keene. (Webmaster's comment: A girl shows remarkable courage and Christian extremists full of hate attack her for praying!)

4-15-16 Have you been saved during a traffic stop?
Have you been saved during a traffic stop?
An Indiana state trooper has been fired for preaching Christianity to motorists during traffic stops. Officer Brian Hamilton has twice been sued by drivers after he pulled them over for speeding and asked what church they attended and if they had been “saved.” “If the Lord tells me to speak about Jesus Christ, I do,” Hamilton said. “You can’t change what the Lord tells you to do.”

5-13-16 Restraining order against God
Restraining order against God
An Israeli man requested a restraining order against God, saying that he’s fed up with the Almighty interfering in his life. David Shoshan told a court in Haifa that God “started to treat me harshly and not nicely” three years ago, and calls to the police had not put an end to the harassment. Judge Ahsan Canaan denied the request for a restraining order, saying Shoshan needed the kind of help the court could not provide. God did not present himself at the hearing.

And Our Personal Favorite of Christian Religious Lunacy

2-17-14 Snake Salvation pastor dies from snake bite
Snake Salvation pastor dies from snake bite
A snake-handling pastor who appeared on US TV show Snake Salvation has died after being bitten by a rattlesnake. (Webmaster's comment: You can't pray away reality no matter how hard you try.)

Breaking News!
(The Times They Are a-Changin)

9-30-15 Fewer in U.S. Want Government to Promote Traditional Values
Fewer in U.S. Want Government to Promote Traditional Values
More Americans say the government should not promote any set of values (51%) than say it should promote traditional values (43%). This is the second time in the past four years Americans have tilted toward saying the government should be neutral on values. For most of the past decade, the public has been divided on what the government's role in this area should be. But even this was a shift from pre-2005, when Americans consistently favored the government's promoting traditional values. The movement away from government upholding "traditional" values is in keeping with recent Gallup trends showing Americans becoming more liberal in their views on many specific issues, most notably same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana.

6-17-15 Confidence in Religion at New Low, but Not Among Catholics
Confidence in Religion at New Low, but Not Among Catholics
Americans' confidence in the church and organized religion has fallen dramatically over the past four decades, from 68% in 1975 to hitting an all-time low this year of 42%. Confidence in religion began faltering in the 1980s, while the sharpest decline occurred between 2001 and 2002 as the Catholic Church grappled with a major sexual abuse scandal. Since then, periodic improvements have proved temporary, and it has continued to ratchet lower.

5-26-15 Americans Continue to Shift Left on Key Moral Issues
Americans Continue to Shift Left on Key Moral Issues
Americans are more likely now than in the early 2000s to find a variety of behaviors morally acceptable, including gay and lesbian relations, having a baby outside of marriage, sex between an unmarried man and woman, divorce, and embryonic stem cell research. Moral acceptability of many of these issues is now at a record-high level.

Americans Continue to Shift Left on Key Moral Issues: Moral Acceptability: Changes Over Time

5-12-15 US Christians numbers 'decline sharply', poll finds
US Christians numbers 'decline sharply', poll finds
The number of Americans who identify as Christian has fallen nearly eight percentage points in only seven years, according to a new survey. Pew Research Center found that 71% of Americans identified as Christian in 2014 - down from 78% in 2007. In the same period, Americans identifying as having no religion grew from 16% to 23%. Fifty-six million Americans do not observe any religion, the second largest community after Evangelicals. Five million fewer Americans identify as Christian now compared with 2007. But the United States still remains home to more Christians than any other nation, with roughly seven-in-ten continuing to identify with some branch of Christianity.

Our "slogan" above comes from the following quote:
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent!

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